Up to his 26th year, Joost Rigter could see. Today he sees only 0.8 percent. A rare ophthalmologic disorder made Joost nearly blind within ten years. It meant a total change; nothing would be the  same again. But is life now less beautiful? Absolutely not, according to Joost. Different, but also very beautiful. This finding is now the core of the lectures of Joost Rigter. A unique, but very recognisable story about change.


The workshop Joost is an experience in itself. Go along with the fact that you are hindered in something for others it is a matter of course, feels different. Agreements are solid because of how everyone is different also, each has his or her story in which you can recognize. The story about Joost his loneliness is a familiar situation for me. And this loneliness is only break by talking about it and take the other therein. Nice process, it requires understanding, acceptance and patience of both parties.
Wakifa El Morabet management consultant HRM
Every encounter with Joost opens my eyes to my inner strength. He hits me in his honesty and vitality and his ability to want to share this.
Warner Immink consultant corp prate learning.
“Disney welcomed Joost during the Learning Expo 2016 and with his openingssession he made a huge impression on the audience.He set the tone of the day, opened all our eyes and created a bond of trust between colleagues.
It was a fascinating, confronting and inspriring session and we admire his strenght and story to share this with us.”
Walt Disney